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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Imagine traipsing down the well worn steps in an ancient town when you stumble upon a jeweler's dimly lit shop. Entering into this candlelit wonderland, you are instantly drawn to her long necklaces featuring heavy charms, and to the snake bracelet wrapped around a tree branch. An antique porcelain baby doll is watching as you try on the stacked ring which goes perfectly with all of the jewelry you're wearing since it's silver and gold tones reflect your love of mixing things up.

REWIND! This not-so-old town is in Seattle's neighborhood of Fremont, yet the shop is just as enchanting and it is in the middle of a block that is on a slight hill. The jeweler is the self taught Kimberly Baker whose inspirations come from the alter of her mother's jewelry table and from her own travels. Find your own talisman amongst her wares. Be it a double unicorn charm, or part of a minx jaw dipped in gold vermeil, you will find yourself transported.

Kimberly's work gives me brief flashbacks to dark hallways in Morocco, hours spent as a child in at Catholic mass, or even in days spent engulfed in a fairy tale. It looks like the clash between good and evil is frequently portrayed through her beautiful metals--  yet don't you, too, feel as though these pieces are meant to both empower and protect us? 

New arrivals, Ladies of the Lake earrings and Prydwen shield necklace.

Both edgy and gorgeous, I'm drawn to it all. 

Photos courtesy of Kimberly Baker. Thanks!

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