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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bon Voyage Copper Gate

Another Ballard landmark is closing their doors for the final time. As of this very moment, that means that you have two nights left in which to visit and have aquavit with a side of pickled herring while listening to live music in their Pussy Room-- shown above with elegant, tufted red velvet wall backings and leather seats (I prefer to call it the Womb Room- as it's the opposite of crass, plus, it's the only area with nary a nude in sight). While the Copper Gate has been around since 1946, it was reincarnated 7 years ago into this go-to modern haunt with a Viking ship shaped bar station, and a whole lot of tasteful, almost innocent nude paintings and photographs of women from a bygone era. In all actuality, these women look a whole lot like all of the women that I know (aside from their hair styles), and a rebirth of the natural nude is something that I hope occurs en masse soon.

Since the Copper Gate has been a local place where I've had drinks with girlfriends, dinner with the husband-- & even held my small 40th birthday party (at a fragile time of loss), I will indeed miss it. Cry me a river, for down goes this Viking ship...
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