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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Palm Room's Aesthetic

Laid back, cool cat Brandon Peterson opened up his plant-centric wonderland The Palm Room a number of years ago now. Nestled in the center of the historical blocks of Ballard Avenue, his shop has been a welcome delight. Step on in...

Weather permitting, the front of the shop opens out to the street, and come Sunday, the constant flow of people visiting the Ballard Weekend Farmers Market streams by (and of course, frequently inside the shop). Who wouldn't be drawn towards these fantastical plants for their home? 

Above, Marimo plants are artfully displayed. Here's what The Palm Room says about these darlings:
    • Marimo is spherical algae with a 200 yr growth span~ we sell babies that will eventually grow to the size of a volkswagon beetle, and large mama marimos that have a few years already on them. Cultivated from ponds in Iceland and Japan, these little friends grow faster with wave stimulation and the company of other marimo.
Isn't that something? Below are a two of mine that I've brought home; the first photo is an up-close shot of them in their crystal palace, and the second one shows them hanging out beside my latest Tillandsia (air plant) that I found in my stocking over the holidays. What a lucky one I am!

Now, back to the shop and to the images Brandon sent me! 

Ooh, Aah, right? Recently, the shop has taken part in the (monthly) second Saturday Art Walk. From Staghorn Ferns to the latest exhibition based on a George Orwell book called 'Keep the Aspidistra Flying'. Whoa, giant plant based sculpture based in part upon literature?! That's right up my alley. What about you? If likewise intrigued, be sure to look into their terrarium classes and you can create your own tiny plant world and hence name it whatever you please- and if you base it on a book, be sure to let me know! 

All things considered, it's no wonder that Brandon was recently named a style maker by Luxe Magazine . Here's their photo of Brandon and his dog Jack surrounded by the natural glory of the shop (find the magazine and read what they have to say about all this talent at hand)! 

Snapshot of the Luxe Magazine photo.

In addition to al this goodness, be sure to note that The Palm Room also provides custom garden and home design services. Look out your frosty window and give them a ring-- my guess is that you'll want some indoor advice now, and a whole lot of snow damage replacement for your garden come spring!

Other than my two Marimo photos, the remainder are courtesy and copyright of Brandon Peterson and The Palm Room. Thanks!
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