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Saturday, February 2, 2013

ONN/OF (festival of light) withdrawals

It's only been one weekend since the second ever ONN/OF festival flooded the city of Seattle with a well needed dose of light. If you are in said city, go look out your window right now and give a big sigh as you join me in saying "I really wish I could go back to PDL's  Northwest Sunburn Unit and catch a dose of those hot, hot (cancer causing) rays."

So many people turned out for the Saturday night opening that come 10 p.m. the line to get in stretched through the vacant BMW parking lot and out onto the sidewalk. Inside, a DJ was spinning pumping beats as 80's aerobic exercise videos filled a section of the wall. The place was packed and it felt sort of like an art rave. In typical Seattle fashion not that many people were dancing- plus, some of those who did were carrying on with their "site-specific-installation-art" persona. On to some snippets of what was there...

Klara Glosova-
 In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again
as my life is done in watermelon seeds.

Julie Alpert

Making hair fascinators under the tutelage of Kate Ryan.

My eyes were (happily) burning from that fierce heat source mentioned above, thus, I took few photos. My memory has etched a strong accounting of these temporary works though thanks to curators, event planners & docents (etc!) Sierra Stinson and Susan Robb. What a fantastical event it was- I even went back the next day for a bit of lazy Sunday afternoon wandering.
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