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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Andie from Assemble's Adorable Apartment

Color coded books and objects anchor the bookcase and draw your eye to the vintage machinery. Artwork by    Dan McCarthy and the glass head sculpture is from Black Ink.
Imagine awakening from a dream in which you are the contestant in a nearly impossible reality game show premised upon being taken on an endless parade of homes over the period of one night. The host guides you there blindfolded, yet once inside, you get to explore. The catch is that these are people that you know, yet have never been inside their homes. There are no photographs to guide you, and the goal is to guess whose house it is based on what you know about them. Sound Impossible? Not if you've left your indelible mark through conversation like Andie Wurster, one half of the creative duo at Assemble Gallery and Studio with business partner and friend Emily Grosse. These two women have created a store with a strong art presence and an award winning bit of D.I.Y. Spirit. This mentality further cements their dedication to classes structured to teach you a multitude of skills to develop your own creative vision. 
But back to that dream!!!!!!   OK, here goes: I finally enter a condo where within 3 seconds, and with 100% certainty, I guess that it is Andie's home. The applause meter is off the charts. Take a peek around with me now and see how she mixes items from her childhood with hand painted dining room chairs, art from many of the artists who have shown at Assemble's monthly art walk, things she's made herself, music she loves, vintage typewriters and sewing machines, stacked books, plastic deer figures, a collection of the letter A... She's created her own little slice of heaven at home. Psst, I think it was the This American Life poster that got me from the start though. So, will I see you at Art Walk on Friday? I haven't missed a one since Assemble opened...
Grady the Chihuahua beneath an abstract painting that was done by her late grandmother (and is called  Florida Gate), the vintage sofa was found on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and was later recovered. I am giddy for that pink with those pillows against it!
"Comfort & Ease" print by Lisa Congdon who will be March's Assemble Gallery artist with new works being shown starting this Friday at Art Walk, the deer art is by Elizabeth Soule (close up below).
One of the best stories is that this vintage fishing reel is from her dad after she told him she liked bakelite (she meant the jewelry, yet it was so thoughtful that she loves it).
Grab some chalk, friends!
A is for artistic arrangement. 
Andie sanded down these IKEA chairs to paint them the signature Assemble red. The table sits atop a Turkish rug from her Dad's time in the Air Force, and to top it off, she stitched a napkin set from Anthropologie together to make this graphic runner. 
The typewriter is a vintage 1960's Smith Corona coined the "love letter machine".
Just how funny is this Chihuahua pinup? Very!  Plus, I'm certain you'll all want your own glass animal collection after seeing them look this purposeful. As for the necklace/earring display? Perfect!  
"The artwork on the walls from left clockwise, Keep Calm Gallery, girl with mustache by Ashley G & Drew, two blonde-girl paintings are by a friend, Frida Clements, the painting with the birds is a piece I did for an old art show, the small portrait print is by artist/friend Caris Reid, the little dog is a cover photo of the book “Dirty Wow Wow” which is the exact replica of my childhood best friend, who I named Snoopy, the portrait of my Great Grandfather is a piece I made for my dad out of paper, and the giant wooden “8” was an address number I took out of our dumpster when it was replaced with metal. The quilt on the bed was made by my mother, and is an abstract interpretation of my bookshelf."  said Andie via her friend Maggie Rose who did a blog post on this home, too! Andie told me about it, yet I decided I wouldn't look at it until I wrote my text and imported all the photos I wanted. It's amazing how many of the same ones we chose. See her post for more quotes about this home.
Vintage globe and radio, take me away. I've got my books ready for Africa. All images courtesy of Andie Wurster. 


  1. Love this space!! Such great collections and wonderful art!

  2. Kristin, it's indeed grand in a fun yet meaningful (especially to the owner) sort of way!

  3. I can't get over that cute pink sofa! Now I just have to convince my husband that pink is okay.

  4. I've seen that pink is splashing over from fashion into the design spectrum even for men- If I find a pic of a manly man on his pink sofa, I'll send it to you! Pantone has said that pink will do the trick for sure. And yes, I covet that pink sofa, too ;)


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