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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recap: NEPO 5k 2013 don't (you dare) run!

The Vis-a-Vis Society offers up names.

The 3rd annual NEPO 5k Don't Run was a roaring success of heartfelt, energetic, (at times) incredibly serious, yet mostly fun filled performances and/or artworks by a multitude of artists. The fact that it occurred over 6 weeks ago is of no matter, for it's never too late to share (I even loaded these images the day after the fact, yet I had lost my map and was daunted by the effort of looking up all of the contributing artists so as to credit them). Luckily, the event was captured by professional photographers and was recently shown to us in full on the NEPO website. YES! Peruse for yourself and see just what a fantastical day it was. Thank you Klara Glosova, Sierra Stinson, and Zack Bent. Your artistic endeavors help make Seattle a great place to live (and/or visit).

If you will, follow along for a few of my photos...

Kate Larson's piece "Memory Place" (to us, our two names are a noun and a verb!). 
Wordsmith Adam Boehmer wrote out a bold statement with pure white sheets.

Julia Freeman's "Ve-uws: A Peepshow" where hands were assembling 
or disassembling 
works out of several windows in this miniature big top. 
Eric Aguilar's The Feral Spirit

My friend Barbara in front of (?). Anyone know???

The New Animals What Goes Up performance

Carolina Silva made little houses.

Sitting atop the Steps of Love, Seanjean Walsh is dressed as
the Yellow Kid (who recites poetry).
Love Cyclops by Glenn Herlihy. This is my favorite image of our day.

"Lineage" by Jared Bender featured hammers of all types as they were mechanically turned on a rotation device. The strike pads were as interesting as the hammers. It was mesmerizing, yet you must imagine it for my video won't properly load... 

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