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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My own Miss M

Ta-Da! This is my 50th Blog Post. I can hardly believe it. As such, at the suggestion of my dear friend Jules, I am featuring my daughter, a 15 year old teen artist-- including some of her older works dispersed throughout. It's possible she was born with a paintbrush in her hand, yet I only remember the depth of her eyes (in which I was sunk). This girl is Tactile (with a capitol 'T'). She was born to create, and create she does. She sketches, paints, woodblocks, bakes, needlepoints, sews, makes puppets, wands, videos, and all manner of clever things. If she merely thinks of something that interests her, at her hands it becomes real; it becomes art.

The bottom line best part of all this talent is that she simply does it for herself and doesn't see that it's anything special, really. It's clearly a drive-- and the gift part is lost upon her since she feels it's only natural.  I am forever amazed by it (and will even admit to sometimes being frustrated by the mess of it all!).  Also, while I wish I had access to her current sketchbook, I simply don't at the moment!

Anyhow, Welcome to our world...

Lost * charcoal, 26.4" x 40" * final project for Gage Academy Intensive Drawing 2011 Summer course taught by Ryan Finnerty & Spyder Peterka. Find Ryan on this post I wrote.
Molasses Cupcakes w/ lavender frosting.
A few years ago, she'd frequently whip herself up her own bento box lunch .

Self Portrait in 2009- scanned in b&w 

Halloween Costume 2009, skirt sewn solely by her-- blouse and corset with the help of grandma. These days, she is sewing up costumes all on her own.
2011, sewn for Sakura Con. This is Miku from Moonlit Bear. The detailed needlepoint
 on the apron is shown below:

A birds nest hairpin and two rings.
How to properly wrap a friend's present:
newspaper comics made into flowers;
use a little wire, and create a bird name tag.

Sound & Vision * needlepoint * 2010 Assemble Gallery & Studio
entry for their 'Not For All The Tea In China'
themed contest (the #2 is the tag number is all).

Painting from a live model at the Gage 2010
Another live model at the Gage.
Woodblock print made at Angielena Chamberlain's
Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center 2009
Real life photo on the left, 4 ft tall spray paint art on the right.
Self portrait print carved from looking at a baby photo
in 2010.
An old favorite of mine...

Sketchbook (an old one, from an anime I think).

Testostrotoes sketch 2011
(specializing in Male Pointe Shoes)

OK, multiple pages of the sketchbook during this period. It's a miracle the painted pages didn't stick together.
Live model 2011

Live model sketch night, Gage Teen Art Studio

Puppets made (at home) with a copper wire armature, and a
polymer clay overlay (Summer 2011). the cotton ball midriff
is there to give them shape for the clothing.
Hand sewn clothes for the puppets.
More of her cast. She had planned a stop-motion film, yet that's on hold.
She even whittled a few wands this past Spring. This one is Driftwood
with a heart of gold (maybe). 
The End Will Come * The End Is Near * Now It Has Come
triptych (you can't see the row of nails at the bottom of
the first panel). Summer 2006, age 10

At the rate she's going, I'd say it's really just the beginning... Lucky for us all, I'd say. I 'll be sure and remember that myself the next time my home is covered in paint or materials. 

Here's a big THANK YOU to all my readers. You're the best! 


  1. "With a heart of gold" makes one think it should be a core of dragon heartstring.

  2. that's my girl, "anonymous" up there!

  3. Isn't she clever? So heartening to see a young'un with such passion and drive to explore the world through creation!

  4. Wow! That's some amazing talent she's got there. I hope she continues to develop it.


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