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Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Perfection

When I think of the 4th of July, an image of a faraway cabin, or of a wonderful picnic with family and friends comes to my mind. With a bounty of food and lots of kids running about, what could be better? 

The perfect cabin getaway. See more pics on the fab Bedlam of Beefy blog- with links to the architect! 

The cabin shown above is in Stockholm-- yet hey, all of us Americans originally came from somewhere else, right? Let's imagine that this one is nearby your own home-- & then picture just how many people could sit at that table!  Now, are you already thinking about what will you wear? Here are a few ideas:

The best dress I've seen all year. Wear this Eva Franco one nearly everywhere--
after you find it at Horseshoe in Ballard.
Be Fancy & Charming!

For a more casual affair, I like this Fireworks dress from ModCloth

Pair with these Indigo sandals at Market Street Shoes; or even just a pair of flats.

...don't forget to grab these Nikki Jacoby earrings at Velouria.

Peering into the display case at Velouria-- ooh, ahh--- LOVE!!!

For the wee one. From Flora and Henri

Or this one: Including their Novelty Beach Pant

This is a Dockers look? YES! This man is also a real vintner named Andrew Mariani.
Watch his video here and  see more pics of his look and of his brother Adam's, too.
I think these clothes will fit in quite nicely with our weekend (especially given how
 cold Seattle has been lately). Let's pack some of their wine, too!

For your guy when it warms up-- try these retro inspired trunks by Frankie Four

He can pack his clothes in this new bag from Wood & Faulk from Portland.
 Check out Matt's blog, too. Writing about manly stuff for us all!
Actually, I want that bag to be my cabin bag, too!!!
Photo by Lisa Warninger who also does the gorgeous
Portland Street Style blog Urban Weeds

Now for the food! Fire up the grill, make a few salads, pair with fresh fruit and corn on the cob!

PCC Emerald City Salad Variation from Repricocity Foods. YUM!

Peaches, strawberries and homemade popsicles via Colorful Life

Fanciful decorations via Martha Stewart

Whatever you may do this weekend, enjoy your getaway--  even if it's just down the block!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tassel Me Now!

While the history of tassels* spans many cultures, most of them would be shocked to find their current uses! Luckily, for those of us who like new takes on old arts, it seems that the tassel keeps coming back around to fashionably adorn our homes and wardrobes. I keep seeing them all over town, how about you?

*tassel |ˈtasəlnouna tuft of loosely hanging threads, cords, or other material knotted at one end and attached for decoration to home furnishingsclothing, or other items.ORIGIN Middle English (also denoting a clasp for a cloak): from Old Frenchtassel ‘clasp,’ of unknown origin.
All items are listed from left to right below:

1. Vena Cava Ankle-Tie Platform2. Ombre Leather Tassel Earrings on Etsy3. Stardust tie-dye leather and laboradite Necklace on Etsy4. John Lewis Scarf5. Matt & Nat Gala Bag6.  Darlingtonia Feather Moccasin Handmade, BRAND NEW! SO CUTE!7. Tassel Bikini8. Patchwork Ottoman made of antique Sari's by Handmade Expressions, a fair trade group.
If one tassel is good, should you pile them on? NO! Use your tassels sparingly, and you will shine!!! Say *YES* to that!
One of my favorite blogs to read for vintage threads worn for this current era, is Karla's Closet. This lovely lady posts pics of herself wearing gorgeous items styled to perfection. I would wear her looks again and again. Check out her STORE where you, too, can shop. Just this week, she posted some Tasseled Shoulder images, and I asked to borrow a few... (thanks, Karla)!

Go ahead and try out the TASSEL look. Grab a pair of rolled up jeans, those Vena Cava Platforms and a white button up shirt. Add jewelry from you closet, and a simple bag-- go wherever your summer takes you. Or, put on a tank top with an A-line skirt and wear that fringe necklace in the montage above. Who's with me on wanting those moccasins, too? Get yourself some shorts and a boxy tee... I'll meet you at a summer cabin and we can roast marshmallows!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Degenerate Art Ensemble Exhibition at The Frye

Earlier today, I found myself on First Hill and was able to stop into the Frye Art Museum to catch the tale end of the Degenerate Art Ensemble's first ever art exhibition that ends on June 19, 2011. "Extravagant, evocative oddities created to perfection" is part of what I tweeted as I headed out the door. Read this to find out all about the fairy-tale like danger and wonder that will fill your senses. Thanks to Robin Held for curating such a significant show--  along with the collaboration of this edgy group of artists who make up this performance troupe. From a Little Red Riding Hood who's grown quite large, to a Slug Princess dancing amongst cabbages in a 50 lb. gown, you have never seen anything like it. Don't be shy-- while these sound charming, in truth, they are also slightly discomforting and eerie... Are you ready for this broken beauty?

Costume by Mandy Greer

Nail Instrument- one of many pieces created to make the music for the above project

Before you go, be sure to stumble upon this Tête à Tête , part of the Frye's Permanent Collection hung salon style. It's a quiet oasis and I just love those classic red seats scattered about.
The affable Stephen Miller shoots remarkable photos, and he took this poster shot of Haruko Nishimura (along with many more of DAE performances). 

If you're in Seattle, head on over to see this exhibit before it closes on Sunday. Remember that the Frye is always free! Don't worry, my iphone photos don't show you everything. Especially that feeling of unease as you enter some of these dimly lit rooms. Get going and tell me what you think... (!)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Throw out your hangers!

Lance Mercer styled and shot this so well; SUMMER, here they come!

Last week, when the sun was shining and I was at a Pike Place Market roof-top deck gathering of COOL ladies, I met Shelby Wilson for the first time and that girl is FUN (capital letters, only). With a personality bigger than all of Puget Sound, she could charm the socks off of anyone easily besmitten by a loud redhead (1/3 of my family is redheaded, and fits this subtype)!!!

Anyhow, Shelby and her twin sister Maja Wilson couldn't find any "TOTALLY RADD OR AWESOME" tees out in the world that they really wanted to wear; so they started designing their own at NO WIRE HANGERS. With a current style focused heavily on headdresses & dream catchers, their own friends in the Native American community are happy as could be-- as are many musicians and easygoing music lovers out there. If you're looking for something to wear to a BBQ or to those summer music festivals coming up, here you go (starting with the Capitol Hill Block Party where they will be selling). Crank up some rock & roll and look here:

Future music lovers who'll grow up to make cool tees for all!
Evil Knievel Moto Pics! 

One great shirt, three different ways to carry it off-- LOOK BELOW We've got Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses on the left (photo by Chris Wilson), and J Clark- Pretty Girls Make Graves on the right:
Montage of greatness! 

Shop here! Also, check out all the other cool bands that have been wearing these hot threads.

It's too bad the booty shorts are sold out-- they probably all made their way to SXSW earlier this year. Keep on the lookout for future styles.

Thanks to Shelby and NO WIRE HANGERS for use of these photos XOOX! Props to all. 

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