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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reverse NEPO 5K, Don't Run!

Here's a post that should have been finished 12+ days ago...

...old news? YES!  Still meaningful news? Certainly!

In it's second year, the actively engaging, albeit snail's pace NEPO House offerings were just as as expansive as in their premier year. Curated for this iteration by Klara Glosova, Sierra Stinson and Zac Bent, this trio kept us on-the-move beyond the physical. In thinking back, I'm most struck by a theme that I kept seeing--- that of slowness, perseverance, & drive. Be it the bubbles being moved in tiny increments across a plate of glass by Hanita Schwartz,  the Endless Goodbye of Alice Gosti and Monica Mata-Gilliam, or witnessing the custom tumbleweed being pushed across the city Erin Elyse Burns, I was made to feel part of a tribe who does what it takes to get through this crazy thing called life.

Luckily, no training was necessary to power through this art & performance event though. Those who pleased could simply arrive and register with the Vis-a-Vis Society by choosing a race name from their list of possibilities. Due to the size of the crowd, it was important  to be flexible if your ideal name was taken though. With first hand experience over disappointment in this arena, I can say that there was a short time period where my group looked like a planned participant (of the dramatic kind) when the only "perfect" name had already been swiped up. Pretty soon however, everyone in my party was comfortable with their names (Heaven Sent, Stumble Upon, and Falling Down), and all was right with the World.

Ready, set, stumble (upon)....

chronicled last year's inaugural event that started in Pioneer Square and ended up at Klara's home/gallery/studio/event-space-- typically a quiet block atop Beacon Hill. This year, that original route was reversed (and even shortened a bit) to enable room to move at the finish line. Care for a glass of lemonade while your clothes dry on the line?
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