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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Lovely Venture, Creating Your Charmed Business (@ Olivine's Charm School)

Olivine's creator Julie Wray is a pro at creating businesses women will love. Do YOU ever dream of taking the plunge on your own business or blog? Julie has lined up an amazing on-line course: so look no further-- here is your class! O.M.-Goodness, it's great!

Back before Ballard Avenue turned into one of the most popular, old-town hot spots in Seattle, there was Olivine-- my favorite boutique in town. Nowadays, Olivine is run entirely online-- of course, it's still a delightful place to shop. But ladies, have you checked out the blog Olivine's Charm School? It's superb, and it's always nice to read "hello gorgeous" at the top. Charm School doesn't care if you just tumbled out of bed, or had a late night-- and I'd guess the curator would say that you were all the lovelier for it!

Also, don't you just LOVE her blog banner? I think it's the best!  If you're at all thinking about running your work world, go ahead and sign up for this course-- I think you will learn SO much. I'm planning on it for the 'monetizing my blog portion'. That's something I've never done...

CLICK to LEARN ALL ABOUT IT, & have a great weekend, friends! 

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