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Sunday, February 26, 2012

spring dreams of colorful festivities

Come the end of February, tiny hints of spring make me dream of fresh flowers, pretty dresses, and gorgeous tabletops set out in a garden setting. Seattle's own events and styling duo Tes de Luna and Sarah Furstenberg have fueled these visions with their ideal (to me) kind of parties. They formed their company in 2011, and aptly named it Crinoline and Tweed. Sounds like perfection, right? 

I invite you to continue along with me and daydream as we wander through some more delightful scenes. 

flowers by marigold & mint

Be sure to look at Crinoline and Tweed's photo gallery for more enticing shots, and read their blog  for further examples of their memorable parties. With their attentive eye to styling, they often utilize natural abundance as the backdrop (via location, flowers, favors), they go the full mile of individualizing each event by sourcing wardrobe items, creating artistic touches like custom invitations, banners or name plates, sourcing the best florists and bakers (etc). It all comes together like the perfect setting in a movie; yet all along the way, they make it look effortless!

mini pies!

I'm planning on attending the March 31, 2012 NW Vintage Wedding Fair to visit with my friends at Crinoline & Tweed, both to see their table, and also to catch what the other fabulous vendors have on display. While I only know of one current 'future bride' amongst my friends, I'd like to continue to delight my own party loving sensibilities! You're all invited...

Photos courtesy and copyright of the ladies over at Crinoline and Tweed.
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