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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Spy--- Vintage Inspired Swimsuits!

Unlike any other swimsuits that you've seen in years, Frankie Four designs are here to make a SPLASH! These darlings will be seen at beaches all over town now that the weather has taken a turn for the better. Be charmed by these retro styles made for the modern ladies of today:

While taking vintage fabrics and turning them into new attire is nothing new for designer Angela Holstrom, she was ready to go in a new direction with her company name. She sold under the Angel Eyes moniker for quite some time (I owned a fabulous red dress and a few tops that I wore again and again). Taking the family name of Frank and turning it into this new name was an easy choice for her to move into this arena which also includes men's swim trunks & neck ties. I featured a pair of these trunks as a must-pack item for men on an imaginary trip post recently. Yet hold your horses, here are a few more of her women's bathing suits...

To get your very own, unique bathing suit, shop here. In addition, this Saturday evening, July 9th, Frankie Four designs will be featured  at Velouria Ballard's 7th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION (during art walk). Head on out and tell me what you get!

Photos copyright and courtesy of Angela Holstrom and Frankie Four (aren't they FAB?)!!!


  1. Carrie!
    I love, love this post! It reminds me when I was little and we used to go to the beach; my mom wore similar bathing suits. Oh gosh, I miss my mom, I better call her soon.
    Thank you! Nina

  2. Nina-- That's so great to read! Thanks for the note, love it!


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