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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moroccan Doorways

Morocco takes the prize for the prettiest doorways and entryways in the world. I don't believe that I've ever been anywhere else where they were more elaborate or intricate. Walk with me through the streets of Fez and Meknes for a few shots of some true stunners...

Inside Dar Al Andalous
Massive doors into the medina of Meknes

Doorway into a home in the historical Jewish Quarter of Meknes.

Door in the Medina of Fez

Leaving the Bab Berdieyinne Mosque

As the old saying goes, details matter, don't they? I wish I had taken more snapshots when I travelled there in May 2009 with my dear friend Sue and her brother who joined us from Germany. This was a (pre-planned) three night detour while on our trip to visit a friend living in Paris. During this long weekend, another friend who'd come with us from Seattle to Paris went to the South of France--- yet we all reconvened for a few more days in Paris. Living it up, I'd say! A rare, and delightful treat as I'd never left my husband and children for 10 nights; nor had I even left the North American continent for over 17 years.

Photo of an ancient, arched stone lookout onto Fez, by Brad M. 

Tell me what your entryway looks like! My own front door was replaced a few years ago, yet we took the antique peephole out of the original door and reused it. It looks solid and aged; like a small maritime window even. The tiniest detail, yet one that works in my Ballard home. To carry off a door like those in Fez, would I have to live in an ancient, walled-off city? Probably not, yet certainly a house that's got more mystery outside.

My eye on the world.
  Since I've been picturing doorways as the entryway to possibility, these Moroccan beauties kept coming to mind. 
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  1. Incredible! Thank you so much for posting, Carrie!

  2. Thanks, Violet Films! It was a truly amazing place. In addition to their beauty, I was intrigued by the mystery of what's behind those closed doors!


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