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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moving Forward/Shadow Cast

The past becomes our future as the tide comes in and out (over and over). A seamless movement through time that is naturally affected by what came before. Looking back through my blog history shows that a not-so-subtle change has been afoot for all of 2012. In general, there are far fewer posts and the content is most often driven by places that I've been and have taken my own photos of. Of course, there are still posts on talented people that I think you should know about though. That will never change!

 I must say a big Thank You for being here with me as I leave a tiny footprint through the web...

As our days become longer, steadfast I will be in 2013. I welcome what lies ahead and view it as a figurehead on the prow of an elegant ship might (were that possible), with nothing but the sheer wonder of plunging intrepidly forward...

Figureheads at the new MOHAI 

May your own New Year be bright with sterling possibility!
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