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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fallen Tree/Enchanted Pendant

Custom pendant necklace by artist Julia Harrison

This is the story of a fallen tree and the special pendant that was made from it's branches. Strength, fragility and purity can be seen in this one piece of wood!  It came into being when I was pointed towards wood artist Julia Harrison. Thus, in the middle of December 2012, I took a log (in a brown bag) over to Julia to do what she may with it (following a discussion of the approximate size desired). Foremost, she needed to let this very fresh wood dry out a bit though. I was in no hurry. As the months went by, this log later shot out branches and leaves in the warmth of her home. To me, this was a very good sign for the resiliency of the tree itself.

 Enchanted apple tree, summer 2011

To backtrack, in the dark of night on the first of November last year, our enormous apple tree slumped to its side in the yard.  Remarkably, not a single root was exposed. In the days that followed, our eldest daughter was still to be found reading amongst its massive limbs. She would even have slept beneath it in wake had we let her.

Over 80 apples were harvested from the fallen tree- previously unreachable.

While we thought we had lost the tree, instead, we had it drastically pruned, pulled back into place, and propped up. While still stark looking, it is growing strong this spring. As for the girl, she has just now been given her necklace at an apropos time. Julia even mentioned that the wood is actually translucent when held up to strong light! It's true. I do so love that, and I am forever grateful that Julia would take the time to work on such a small scale project for a friend of a friend.

Pendant photo by Julia Harrison. Be sure to see how beautifully crafted her artwork is by clicking here.

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