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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Serene Sky

A typical April in the Pacific Northwest is one where the sky is overcast with a serene grey tone. Those intermittent days when the sun truly comes out feels worlds apart from these blue tinged days-- more exciting, yes, yet not nearly as contemplative as the ones where the sky never lets in a single ray of sunlight. From the Mima Mounds of Central Washington to the banks of Hood Canal, see the allure...

At the Mima Mounds outside of Olympia.

Mima Mounds

...back out to Hood Canal which I last blogged about in July 2011.
The runaway beach ball-- eventually retrieved. 
61 degrees Fahrenheit-- time for swimsuits!
Creating our own warmth with endless fires both inside and out. 

I feel like all this grey creates a state of being that makes me think that something pending is just around the corner. Wondrous things maybe. As such, I'll take these days and bake a cake before reading a book while seriously bundled up! No matter the state of the sky, enjoy your final days of April.
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