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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jax Joon & Damsalfly

At Jax Joon find a pillow for every home!
Take one part successful business and move it down the block-
re-open in a bright new space dedicated to women's attire, plus items for baby.
A little bit later, add one part *surprise* by opening a new store in your remodeled original location and dedicate it to home decor and men's clothing. Perfect mix!

I remember being intrigued when Damsalfly was moving out of their longtime, charming location and down a few storefronts. This local shop has always been filled with affordable of-the-moment options. Luckily for those of us who also love vintage, owner Jenny Monroe often has a few select pieces lingering amongst the racks, too. Last weekend, while at the Ballard Farmers Market,  I noticed that there was a new store called Jax Joon that was open in her original locale. That's when I got the scoop from her:


Jenny's husband Jake Monroe will be the main presence here. He'll be crafting the custom bars and reworking other furniture pieces. As a matter of fact, the talented duo are each creating many of their own pieces that are for sale. All of the decoupaged and painted (resined) art is hand done, too. Get on down to Ballard Ave. to check both stores out. Tell me what you like. 

Jenny's mom Lynn works here and also sews some of the baby items.
The current image at the top of my blog is an up-close shot of a vintage dress that I found at Damsalfly last fall. It's a *WOW* kind of dress that I've worn only once. If I were to shrink the width of the dramatic sleeves though, it's probable that I would wear it again and again. 
Photos taken with my cell phone-- courtesy of the shop owners.


  1. fun place... i will have to visit next time i'm there!! love those vintage shakers!

  2. They've got a lot of talent and great prices, too!

  3. This is one of my favorite store in Ballard. I always get inspired!

  4. I recently visited this store and would love to get my hands on an Ollipop 'day of the dead' skull ring. How do i go about doing that if i don't live in seattle?


  5. Hi Melody, So glad you got to visit. Hope you had fun in Ballard! My thought is for you to call Jenny and ask what she can do (206) 297-8146.
    Hope you get that Ollipop ring on your finger as fast as can be.


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