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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bespoke Wallpaper

Earlier today it dawned on my to look in my own backyard while I was searching sites all across the web for inspiring wallpaper prints. In the blink of an eye, I found Hermitage  an online bespoke* wallpaper company with offerings from all over the world. Founded in 2007 by Seattle's own Jennifer June, Hermitage offers a virtual place to shop for wallpaper created by emerging print artists and graphic designers (Jennifer is a printmaker, too).  I am smitten with the choices she has curated. These small batch wallpapers are works of art waiting to be hand printed when you place your order.


 adjective [ attrib. ] 

 (of goods, esp. clothing) made to order 

After getting lost in a daydream of magical visuals, I inquired further via email and Jennifer mentioned that she especially loves that Hermitage is an online only shop because "Not only does it allow me to reach a wider audience, but it also gives access to bespoke wallpaper previously limited to those in the trade. I love color and pattern and I am very deliberate about the collections that I include in the shop, hoping to impart the fun and joy that comes with wallpaper." Yes!

I'm sold, how about you? There is a pattern here for just about everyone. Shall we plan to do a roomful, one wall, or just a large panel today (while we're having fun)?

Feather by Fern Living- designed and manufactured in Denmark 

Leaf Lace by Lene Toni Kjeld- Denmark via antiquated rotary press

Succulent by Makelike- Portland, Oregon studio

Foxy by Studio Nommo- Turkish company 

Animal Farm by Ferm Living Kids- Denmark

Porcelain by Studio Ditte- Inspired by antiques

Studio Violet, Studio Nommo- Turkish with designers from the world

Elizabeth by Madison & Grow-  California


  1. the last one is my fav! although i am a sucker for all things boldly pink

  2. That pink against the dark grey is gorgeous, indeed! It reminds me a bit of glamorous snake skin, yet in a subtle way.

  3. Just when you think wallpaper is the most ugly/annoying thing! great post!

  4. MB, crazy cool, aren't they? She's got a great little collection of artist made wallpapers.They all make me smile, glad they made you happy, too! xoxo


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