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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gothic attire in the woods.

Welcome Winter; with your branches bare, and cold, crisp air. On Christmas Day, this photo opportunity took place in the woods beside my aunt and uncle's house. Drama and intrigue abound at every turn...   

What comes next? I do not know-- yet I picture a small, black bear coming out from the brush. How about you? It could be anything, really. A flock of birds taking flight, or maybe even a person fleeing (gasp, I hope not!)...

As for the clothing, it is all handmade (aside from the new Dr. Martens boots). It certainly stems from the Japanese Gothic Lolita look which is a blend of Japanese street style based on Old European Fashion. This young lady's one-of-a-kind personal style is infused with a modern Seattle vibe though!

Here's wishing you your own cozy winter filled with warmth, cheer, and a touch of mystery!!!

Photos of Maggie taken on a iphone 3gs using the Instagram app
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