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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let's get out of the city!

My husband's family has a cabin along Hood Canal-- and it's our frequent destination spot. I will gladly admit to wearing a lot of denim and cotton when I'm over there-- no lovely sundresses for me (as in my last blog post)! 

Last weekend, my youngest daughter and I drove to the ferry and barely missed the boat that my husband and teen had biked to. They left from our Ballard house---- and aside from the boat ride, they made it all the way out to the cabin on their bikes!  When a submarine was being sent out through the Hood Canal Bridge, all of us had had to stop on the roadside for 50 minutes though-- see photo above. The biking half of the family said that it was hard to get going again after such a long break.

Luckily, we nearly forgot the delay once we reached our destination because it was such a gorgeous day. Of note, on the radio headed over, I heard that it was the 50th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway's death. In the cabin, there's a small room at the top of a stair landing that's filled with Hemingway memorabilia (artfully arranged).  See (L) photo above.

It was a perfect 4th of July weekend filled with kids playing (and creating) and adults taking care of projects and hanging out. We had an abundance of food from the sea-- fresh oysters were harvested from their "purses" and the first Dungeness crabs of the season were brought ashore and served at lunchtime. Nothing can be better than that!


  1. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city where we cab enjoy so much!! Thank you summer and thanks for posting such inspiration as usual Carrie!

  2. Indeed, it's days like these that make us see what a gorgeous place we live in! This is one of the few personal posts that I've ever done; thanks for the sweet comment!


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