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Thursday, July 14, 2011

gingham is so pretty and welcoming

Aside from my description regarding the history of gingham (and gold), I can't remember a single post with true gingham images. While searching the vast web recently, I came across a beautiful blog called pretty.gingham from Helsinki, Finland that is written by a woman named Tanja. I asked her if I could feature some photos from her lovely home, and she said yes. Her blog is really quite gorgeous and it makes me feel calm, rested and happy. I would feel right at home here with all her books, flowers, layered textures & patterns--- and comforting food. Of course, the Finnish books would give me trouble, yet that could be remedied!

Isn't her little Miss Doggy a sweet one? On one of her posts, she wrote that "She is a Lapponian Herder, also known as Reindeer Dog. In fact she has not even seen a reindeer and she is scared of skiers too..." Isn't that funny? I just love how Tanja lives with lots of gingham in her home. I think I'll start hunting for vintage fabrics to do the same. I'd also love to borrow from her wardrobe, too. If the sun in Seattle would ever return, I'd go and iron my one and only gingham top--it's a light blue and white pattern, and it makes me feel like sunshine!

Thanks to Tanja at pretty.gingham, you've got great style and take wonderful photos. I've been listening to the latest Fleet Foxes while posting this; it was the right choice.


  1. Carrie,
    What a great blog find! And Tanjan's photos are a dream! Thank you for sharing. Nina

  2. Thanks, Nina, it's also especially nice to see how she moves things around in her home-- I do the same, yet rarely think much about it. She did a new post today, and the dining room table is replaced with the yellow sofa. Love that!


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