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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Handbags by Sabrina Love

Do you sometimes happen upon a woman who is naturally beautiful, stylish, and self assured, yet she's completely unaware of her mystique?  Don't you just want to know more about her; or maybe, just for one day, be a little bit like her? Welcome to your opportunity to do so! Twist your hair into a topknot or twist, and come along for the how-to.  

First off, spend a few years in Europe like Sabrina Love did. If that's not an option (!), simply watch foreign films while drinking red wine and wearing high heels. As an alternate plan, you could even wear ballet flats and sip green tea! Actually, it doesn't really matter if you are wearing a little black dress with your favorite necklace--- or, your favorite jeans with a fisherman's sweater and worn in boots. Pulling it altogether will be your purse. Sabrina Love has this down pat.

Chic & Refined
Laid back/modern preppy (in a casual way).

Sabrina has truly mastered the art of making bags that you will want to use for every occasion. Her natural affinity for designing such pieces stems from over 10 years working as a costume designer and a stylist. Of note, while she uses only the finest of Italian Lamb leather (along with fine hardware from abroad), the construction is done here in the United States.

Look at this fabulous mother/daughter team shopping at
 Henri Bendel New York
during Sabrina Love's 1st Trunk Show!

      Here's a lovely lady sporting her
new "Bklyn" at Bendels a few weeks ago.

As for me, I have one of the small clutch styles-- the Barcelona Azul, and I tend to use it for nearly every night out I have which involves long conversations and a candlelit spot at the table (which is not often enough)! Find your perfect bag here (just remember that there are some styles not on the web page). You can keep up-to-date by following the Sabrina Love Handbags Facebook page ; and if you are in New York, she's got a showroom for you to visit.

I think it's fitting that Sabrina is a good friend's close pal-- and that we met many years ago at my favorite little spot in Ballard, Sambar, which is a jewel of a space showcasing enduring elegance and design (in it's most sincere, modern French way). I think I see a common thread here...  Enjoy!

Photos copyright and courtesy of Sabrina Love. Thank you!

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