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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book signing night with Grace Bonney at Anthropologie.

Book signing by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge

In a good way, my world has been turned around lately and I'm just getting my sea legs (so to say)! I am busier than ever, so I'm sorry for the few weeks delay in posting again. Well, right back at it:

Here's some details from the Grace Bonney book signing event at Anthropologie last Thursday night in downtown Seattle (thanks to a great friend who planned the night). In my 2 minutes (or less) speaking with Grace, we talked about music-- most specifically, about Wild Flag (so, of course; also about Sleater-Kinney and Portland). Here's a live Wild Flag video from a KEXP 2011 SXSW performance:

Back to the book. Wow, it's a behemoth!  You could buy two of them and use them as weights to tone your arms. Once toned, give one copy to a friend so that you can compare favorite pages. You'll be on your own to figure how to keep both arms in shape-- yet you will be all the richer in the home design realm! 

A beauty of a book-- both inside and out!
The Anthro version has 16 extra pages-
for a total of 406. Wow.

Anthropologie has the best design teams in their stores. I'm always blown away:
Ascending the stairs at Anthopologie.

A haunting portait of a little girl in an Anthropologie dining room display.

Let me know when you've picked up this new book, too. It's a keeper--  and will look so lovely on display in your home. Personally, I'm partial to that gold etching on the cover! Enjoy...


  1. That's so awesome you got to meet Grace, and that book looks fantastic. It will definitely be on my Christmas list.

  2. I'm so glad that I went! They even served flutes of pink champagne as we waited in the long line. I know you'll love the book, Kristin!


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