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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tassel Me Now!

While the history of tassels* spans many cultures, most of them would be shocked to find their current uses! Luckily, for those of us who like new takes on old arts, it seems that the tassel keeps coming back around to fashionably adorn our homes and wardrobes. I keep seeing them all over town, how about you?

*tassel |ˈtasəlnouna tuft of loosely hanging threads, cords, or other material knotted at one end and attached for decoration to home furnishingsclothing, or other items.ORIGIN Middle English (also denoting a clasp for a cloak): from Old Frenchtassel ‘clasp,’ of unknown origin.
All items are listed from left to right below:

1. Vena Cava Ankle-Tie Platform2. Ombre Leather Tassel Earrings on Etsy3. Stardust tie-dye leather and laboradite Necklace on Etsy4. John Lewis Scarf5. Matt & Nat Gala Bag6.  Darlingtonia Feather Moccasin Handmade, BRAND NEW! SO CUTE!7. Tassel Bikini8. Patchwork Ottoman made of antique Sari's by Handmade Expressions, a fair trade group.
If one tassel is good, should you pile them on? NO! Use your tassels sparingly, and you will shine!!! Say *YES* to that!
One of my favorite blogs to read for vintage threads worn for this current era, is Karla's Closet. This lovely lady posts pics of herself wearing gorgeous items styled to perfection. I would wear her looks again and again. Check out her STORE where you, too, can shop. Just this week, she posted some Tasseled Shoulder images, and I asked to borrow a few... (thanks, Karla)!

Go ahead and try out the TASSEL look. Grab a pair of rolled up jeans, those Vena Cava Platforms and a white button up shirt. Add jewelry from you closet, and a simple bag-- go wherever your summer takes you. Or, put on a tank top with an A-line skirt and wear that fringe necklace in the montage above. Who's with me on wanting those moccasins, too? Get yourself some shorts and a boxy tee... I'll meet you at a summer cabin and we can roast marshmallows!

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