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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Degenerate Art Ensemble Exhibition at The Frye

Earlier today, I found myself on First Hill and was able to stop into the Frye Art Museum to catch the tale end of the Degenerate Art Ensemble's first ever art exhibition that ends on June 19, 2011. "Extravagant, evocative oddities created to perfection" is part of what I tweeted as I headed out the door. Read this to find out all about the fairy-tale like danger and wonder that will fill your senses. Thanks to Robin Held for curating such a significant show--  along with the collaboration of this edgy group of artists who make up this performance troupe. From a Little Red Riding Hood who's grown quite large, to a Slug Princess dancing amongst cabbages in a 50 lb. gown, you have never seen anything like it. Don't be shy-- while these sound charming, in truth, they are also slightly discomforting and eerie... Are you ready for this broken beauty?

Costume by Mandy Greer

Nail Instrument- one of many pieces created to make the music for the above project

Before you go, be sure to stumble upon this Tête à Tête , part of the Frye's Permanent Collection hung salon style. It's a quiet oasis and I just love those classic red seats scattered about.
The affable Stephen Miller shoots remarkable photos, and he took this poster shot of Haruko Nishimura (along with many more of DAE performances). 

If you're in Seattle, head on over to see this exhibit before it closes on Sunday. Remember that the Frye is always free! Don't worry, my iphone photos don't show you everything. Especially that feeling of unease as you enter some of these dimly lit rooms. Get going and tell me what you think... (!)

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