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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pariscope Studios- art for your home, and for you to wear.

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting artist  Elena Korakianitou of Pariscope Studios. Her studio partner, Joanne Sugura was out, yet I was able to see many of the treasures from their jewelry collection which they collaborate on together. Both women have strong sculpture backgrounds, and it is clear to see that each and every necklace, ring, earring, & bracelet is a work of art formed out of this training-- and out of their travel and life experiences. Click here to see how their blog illustrates how they go from inspiration to artistic reinterpretation. Here's a look at my visit:

Note: the colors are more saturated here with my camera phone- see a 2nd image at the end of the post.

Peering into the display case, it seemed as if these were grand items rescued from a ship hidden beneath the sea; or even from an ancient castle whose courtesans wore their bracelets stacked high and their earrings dangling low-- better to catch the light off the candelabras. The bracelet that I was drawn to was made of bone, with the addition of tiny gemstones. It was structural in nature and is from their Sticks & Bones collection that harkens back to memories etched of a dream of tribal villages; or maybe, of remote island wonders culled of the land & sea. These pieces are all thoroughly modern though. I took a fancy to it all!

On the left is my own Jules Accessory Design ring & the two on the right are still at Pariscope

Happy Lucky Buddha Sculpture.

There are many more choices in the studio; plus, select pieces are also available at Baby & Co.

The studio is now open every Friday from 12-6 for sales and to meet the artists at work. Elena is a skilled multidimensional artist who paints & sculpts, too. She was born in Greece and was raised both there, and in Paris (where she still lives part of each year). The paintings and sculptures in the images above are done by her.

Elena & Joanne-- wearing their hand-sculpted zipper necklaces.
In their June '11 issue, Joanne is highlighted in Seattle Magazine's style feature! Mine arrived in the mail today, check out page 31.

In the studio.

Bone, metal and gem bracelet.
 Won't you visit on a Friday, soon? I haven't even told you the half of it. 

Pariscope Studios
159 Western Ave. W. #452
Seattle, WA 98119

The top 5 photos are from my camera phone during my visit, and the remaining are courtesy & copyright of Pariscope Studios. Thanks to Elena for inviting me in, and for the gracious visit. I hope to meet Joanne soon. 


  1. Update: My June issue of Seattle Magazine arrived in the mail today, and on page 31, there's Joanne (in their studio). Wearing a fabulous outfit, of course. Check it out.

  2. Very cool! I especially love the bone, metal and gem bracelet!


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