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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arresting Nature Based Art

Here in Seattle, once the brightness in the sky lasted more than 2 hours in a row, I declared it floral and nature week on my blog. It's rained so much lately that our grass needs to be mowed twice a week and everyone complains on the gloomy May days that we've grown accustomed to. Generally, we like the moodiness and artistic thought that comes with the dark; but in the middle of May? No way! I was thrilled when Sharon Arnold pointed the way to a few artists that weren't on my horizon for my theme. Starting with Katy Stone whose large scale works create shadows that add another layer of intrigue to her already vast, yet delicate works that are represented locally at Greg Kucera Gallery.  Right here are a few of her flowers, clouds, forests and trees...

Katy Stone, Glade (closeup)  102” x 59“ x 2”, Acrylic paint on Durarlar, pins, shadows

Katy Stone, Cloudtree (puff)  46” x 55” x 3”, Acrylic paint on Duralar, pins, shadows

Katy Stone, Forest (detail)
120” x 84” x 3”, Acrylic paint on Duralar and paper, pins, shadows

Next up is Casey Curran who recently created his Sacred and Profane groupings of assemblage art cranked up a level with incredible moving parts that elevate his still pieces to breathing works infused with life. What at first seem to be merely fantastical, still groupings of feathers and bones and dried flowers, turns into an entire life cycle repeated again and again with the addition of a turning hand shaft.

Unification by Casey Curran; love it now?! Watch it here in motion.  Be still my heart-- WOW!

Yellow Dawn by Casey Curran. Watch the video here.

To wrap up this particular nature-based art post, I must include the following image. As I was watching the formation of the feather cuttings that Sharon Arnold was doing last winter, I was taken in by the repetition of the art in the way that one feather is nice, yet many are superb. Each feather is the same-- and yet very different. Just as is each raindrop, or leaf or blade of grass. Once brought together, their sense of motion is created in unity. Sharon has recently created this type of gathering with local artists who are participating in her LxWxH project. The goal is in making local art both accessible and sustainable. You, too, can be part of this project by checking out her subscription options; or purchasing a single month: Each issue is one box containing two pieces by two artists, and a short essay by a local writer. I think it's a great idea for easily bringing some local (often edgy) art into your homes. 

Muff, 2011, hand-cut Strathmore 400 paper, dimensions variable

Go out and delight in the natural world made new through art. Looking out my window, I see that the sun is currently shining-- I best quickly leave my keyboard while I get the chance to see it! How about you?!


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