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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Designer Jam/Deluxe Foods

 Good Food Award 2011 winner  Deluxe Foods & their Gingered Rhubarb jam.
Way to go!

When my youngest daughter was in elementary school there was another mom there who had the biggest smile and the coolest coats. Rebecca Staffel was one busy business lady at the time, yet I always looked forward to seeing her so we could catch up. I remember that she worked on intense projects, so it was hit or miss when that would be. Luckily for all of us she has struck out on her own doing the kind of work that she loves-- which means that she's in the kitchen, currently making all sorts of fancy jam.

Rebecca has quickly amassed a loyal following by working from classic French recipes and making them her own with signature ingredients. These choice concoctions stem from sustainably grown Washington fruits and vegetable (when available), along with lemon juice and organic evaporated cane sugar; she uses no pectin, yet lets all of the natural flavors create an unparalleled sense of wow. For example, there's Peach Jam with Vanilla and Bourbon, Raspberry with Thyme, or even Blueberry Mint. It's almost hard to choose since they all sound perfect. Rebecca creates these small batch jams using the commercial kitchen at Picnic on Phinney Ridge. 

Sold at specialty shops around Seattle and on-line for everyone else. Take a look at her product list and read more about this delightful Jam Goddess.

A new kind of busy! Rebecca is lucky that her husband is Eric Berg of JRA Bikeshop 
all photos courtesy of Rebecca Staffel

I suggest that everyone make their tables, counters or picnic blanket look a bit fancier this year with a jar of this on hand. Plus, take note that this isn't just breakfast jam; you will find many uses for fantastic savory meals, cocktail appetizers and more! Be sure to let me know what you do with your first jar.


  1. Awww, lovely, thanks! Jam for the masses! XOXO

  2. Sweets for a sweet. I must say that I'm still stinging Michelle Shocked's Strawberry Jam song "If you want to make the best jam, you've got to make your own."! I especially love that you're doing that for all us. xoxo

  3. ...err, that's singing (not 'stinging' as I mistakenly typed above). Guess I'm subconsciously thinking about the importance of honey bees in pollinating our fruit!


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