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Monday, February 7, 2011

Colours that pop!

Stack of books in my living room.

Fleur Wood Dress - lovely, yet currently can't find purchase link.

There's something in the air that's drawing me towards rich jewel tones everywhere I turn. Spring still feels far away; yet the days are slowly getting longer and luring me with the idea of future sunshine and warmth. Earlier, I spied this  Dress  on Aprizi that looks perfect for my of-the-moment colour scheme. Being new to Fleur Wood and her 10 year old Australian company based in Sydney, I was intrigued to read that a portion of their profits is donated to charities in India. "Every item in our collection is a little piece of luxury,"  Ms. Wood explains on her facebook page, "Customers can feel better knowing that all garments are ethically manufactured." On her website, she continues to say that company profit comes after personal integrity. That said, while I don't know much about her (and I'm not even sure about the cost of her designs) I certainly like her.

Seems that my current inspiration book has lead me to the right spot. Feels like kismet*! The only thing slightly sad is that it looks like this dress is no longer available. Better start looking through her current collection. I have a feeling that there will be many beautiful items to peruse.

*kismet |ˈkizmit; -ˌmet|
destiny; fate what chance did I stand against kismet?

ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from Turkishfrom Arabic 
ḳismat ‘division, portion, lot,’ from ḳasama ‘to divide.’ 

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