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Monday, August 6, 2012

Art in a Box: LxWxH (!)

Box cover on the July/August 2012 Issue RP (re/Place)

Want to get in on a different type of CSA in Seattle? Instead of fruits and vegetables grown on small farms nearby, how about a bit of Community Supported Art created for you by talented artists and authors living in our midst? Expanding upon the locavore movement's socio-environmental foundation is LxWxH founded by artist and curatorial master Sharon Arnold. Think art by the people, for the people! I recently purchased my first box, and it is certainly a delight...

Sitting atop a pile of books is Armchair Philosophy by Julie Alpert
It's one of her Rorschach Tests LxWxH pieces (positive/negative studies)

Each LxWxH issue promises to provide two pieces of art by two different artists, along with an essay by a local writer. Boxes can be purchased individually for $130, or you can go with the annual subscription for $700 (6 issues). Some artists will even create one of a kind pieces for each box (as did both Ryan Finnerty and Julie Alpert for this July/August 2012 issue that I'm showing you a few snapshots from my own box). Not knowing which piece you will receive is part of the allure-- although it was also a bit of a challenge for me to just let go. Had I been able to choose my own, I would have picked different ones, yet I was so pleased with the contents of my box that I wouldn't even trade them if I could! Check out past issues and see how fabulously varied all of this local talent has been.

Top: Oil Painting by Ryan Finnerty 
Bottom: 2 out of 3 (!) Erasure Poems by poet Adam Boehmer 

A detailed note is attached to the back of each Memory Painting by Ryan Finnerty.
Adding to the charm & appeal of each piece.
This one is titled:
The One About Drudgery and the Appearance of Progress

I hear that there are still some boxes of the current issue available. You, too, can get your own special package of art & literature delivered straight to your door. The erasure poems by Adam Boehmer are visual works of art, too. My favorite one is The Water is Cold and I Love You. I absolutely adore that there are three poems typed from a quirky old typewriter onto copies of vintage photographs (perfection). That they were bound together with a handwritten title and signature (in pencil) was another special touch.

If not this one, then maybe the next. Become a modern patron of the arts and fill your home (economically) with local, hand-picked works! Supporting community grown projects tilled from our own urban landscape is where it's at these days.

Read my previous posts here for Ryan Finnerty, and here for Sharon Arnold.

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  1. I have edited my post with a new link after reading Brangien Davis' Seattle Magazine Article from November 2011 which first used the CSA (Art) analogy. It's been linked above on the word Art!

    In referencing the motivation behind this project, Sharon's bio mentions the words "approachable, accessible, sustainable". These words made me think of my time being a member of a farm in Olympia. Aside from the vegetables, fruit & flowers I received, what I loved the most about being a part of a CSA was the community that was formed between the farmers and those of us who bought in. They hosted social events that united like minded people from around the region. Friendships were formed and many a meal was shared utilizing the recipes that were delivered in each box.

    LxWxH also holds social events featuring the art (& artists) from their latest box. This is another way of seeing what is offered. Just as with our farm boxes, sometimes there is a surprise in the box! That's what makes life enjoyable, right? I'm now picturing a new Portlandia episode here...


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