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Friday, April 15, 2011

lounge around: totem pole/nature theme

I started envisioning this room for a friend who wants a cozy reading nook. While many different items were first chosen for their bold colors, soon, a nature theme started to unfold and the mood changed to this current juxtaposition of pure white against rich, colorful tones. I'd been thinking a lot about the fact that Seattle currently has a memorial totem pole being carved for a member of the First Nations Tribes. While the social weight of this is heavy, when I spotted these stacked totem cups and the acrylic, wood-grain patterned side table, I knew that the lightness they express would be just right for the sunny corner of my friend's home; plus, they reflect the history of the area we live in.

Tying it together, the Icarus Pendant lamp will give the space a sense of movement--as if a bird were truly in flight. Paired with the felted hexagon rug used as a wall hanging, the room gets further pulled into place with the hand embroidered Kilim pillow which also features strong geometric patterns. These handmade, felted wool Hexrug pieces are created as part of a job-creation program for homeless women in Portland, Oregon. It's like finding decor that benefits the Earth in a sustainable manner and that also helps the lives of women living here. In the end, I feel that this room looks casually luxurious. Who wants to lounge around on this Friday?

Items in this room (clearly not to scale-- envision the perfection):


  1. I love everything about this - the deep gray of the couch with the bright yellow and orange accents - the restrained luxe of the room that at once invite relaxation through reading with out encouraging sloth. Simply exquisite!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful, discerning eye, Violet Films! "Simply exquisite" will be ringing in my head all day!


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