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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

evocative, intricately designed concert posters

 Grand Hallway Poster--All proceeds from this limited edition poster go towards the Red Cross and their relief efforts in Japan. The Stranger recently voted it Poster of the Week.

Utilizing colors reminiscent of softly muted dream memories, Seattle graphic designer Frida Clements creates the kind of concert posters that even the most grown up of music fans will want to hang in their homes. Luckily for those of us also raising kids on a steady musical diet of KEXPthese ones are still cool enough for the teens, too. Trust me-- I bought mine the Swell Season poster right after we painted her room a very dark eggplant color. It's perfect and it reminds me of some shows that we've seen them in.

As the senior graphic designer at Seattle Theater Group, Frida has the opportunity to create impeccable posters & ephemera* for local shows and events at the Moore & Paramount theaters (etc). Being a great friend to many indie musicians though, she has recently been doing more and more designs in her free time. See images of her work (plus keep watch for future pieces) via her drawn to the left site which links you to many of the clever things keeping her on her toes; and all of us both listening and looking on in a dreamy state of wonder. 

All images provided courtesy of Frida Clements Design. See her new Etsy Shop to order your favorite screen prints!  What kind of frame will you use?
ephemera |əˈfem(ə)rə| plural noun
 Items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones.
ORIGIN late 16th cent.

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