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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghostly Ship-Wrecked Carnival Life

The hauntingly historic leanings of two skilled artists in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood has blended seamlessly into their home life, too. Submerge yourself into the carnival atmosphere of Yvette Endrijautzki and Jethaniel (Spyder) Peterka's 
art studio/gallery/home The Nautilus Studio, and see the pure, dark beauty of their refinished, aged ship. Welcome aboard...

I am in love with this well curated, ever changing space. The two of them spent an intense year remodeling this location into a work of art. By utilizing unique, salvaged materials they have created a one of a kind environment that is infused with otherworldly richness and mystery.

From classical oil paintings, assemblage art, "foraged" jewelry, and beyond, the art they make themselves (and showcase by other artists), form stories that seem to be created with an industrial eye of rebirth (the word steampunk might come to mind-- yet in it's own unique way). There are references to fairy tales, myths, magic, rituals, tarot, history, etc. You might find aged metal pieces-- or skulls and vertebrae made new; fragments of past medical tools-- along with references to the cycle of birth and death. The fragility and precariousness of life is repeatedly seen. With that notion in mind, I believe that this post is just in time for The Day of the Dead, Halloween, & All Souls Day.

Do you want to be entertained? Then get on over and see a show! Lucky for me, I have seen many an evening event at Nautilus. This is where the carnival feel really comes to life. Be sure to stop by sometime to be charmed while watching the Magician Acep Hale-- or maybe even The Dandelion Junk Queens  performing in their own magnetic ways.

Nautilus is an art studio, gallery, home, event space...

Find it tucked behind Jules Mae's Saloon and situated right beside The Stables and across from the charming, vintage loving Georgetown Trailer Park. It's certainly a place to visit on Art Walk. In addition, you can now find The Nautilus Studio on Etsy.

I feel so lucky to have had both artists teach my daughter at The Gage Academy over the past few years-- something which will continue. Their studio has given me the chance to get to know them, and I must say that Yvette and Jethaniel are some of the most welcoming and encouraging people that I know! Be sure to check out their art-- Yvette specializes in intense, intricate assemblage art, and Jethaniel uses his classic atelier training to paint stunning, modern oil paintings (amongst other things for both).

Photos courtesy and copyright of The Nautilus Studio 
(excepting the typewriter one that I took a few summers ago). 
Thank you!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Kate-- stop by sometime. I just added two more photos, too, and fixed a text error that I made earlier *blush*.

  2. yayayay!!!wonderful writing-thank you so much Carrie!!!...love it

  3. Thanks so much, Yvette! It was sure fun to do!

  4. carrie,
    what a wonderful view into the heart of these creative souls! the home of jethaniel and yvette is wildly captivating; filled with history, harmony and the soul of of the sea.

  5. kath,
    thank you for commenting; you wrote that in such a beautifully picturesque manner-- further capturing their tale!


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